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About Us

Ashaba is an online store that is all about creating new african trends and styles. Our aim is to unite the world through fashion by integrating different cultures despite age, race, gender or religion.

We bring you all the latest styles at an affordable price. We want you to feel beautiful & confident in your own skin, no matter the occasions the place or event we’ve got you covered.

With Our style and creativity everyone can have a new outlook on Fashion and confidence to take chances and set trends that no one has dared to before. With fresh ideas and outrageous uses of a creative imagination, anything is possible when you’re wearing Aahaba.

Wear what you love, captivate who you are, create your own essence of style.

Ashaba are Exclusively our original designs that are Edgy and trendy and are inspired by having an edgy sense of style and “thinking outside of the box” in a sense that “Creativity Meets Artistic Ability”.

Fashion is a way of Artistic expression, so, with these elements together we create new trends of fashion. We want everyone to be able to express themselves without saying anything, it’s like a silent hello.

At Ashaba we design our pieces with every individual in mind. So go ahead and be one of Us, wear Ashaba today and let us make you proud of who you are.